torsdag 8 oktober 2009

Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology

"What if we told you a tale about a quiet, unassuming guy with black hair and thick glasses? He’s an immigrant, who’s done his best to fit in to a world that isn’t his—one very different from the land of his birth. He’s got a hidden side to himself that he can’t quite bring himself to show, not even to the popular girl he’s got a huge crush on. If only she knew who he really was—what he could really do—she’d be amazed, he thinks. If only she knew. If only everyone knew..."

The first ever novel anthology of Asian American Superhero stories

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  1. Jag har precis hittat till din blogg för första gången och är glad för det! Ser fram emot fler författar- och boktips framöver.